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Wise Words: 06.02.14 / on Design Work Life

Hey Readers!

I’m stopping in quickly today to let you know about some changes around here.

In the past six months since we relaunched DWL, we’ve experimented with a new design, schedule, content and functionality, and I’ve worked with some amazing contributors—thank-you Garth, Ashley, Melanie, Jackson and Graham! In many ways, it’s been great; but after six years of working on DWL full time alongside Seamless Creative—my primary business—I’ve decided it’s time for a bigger change.

I don’t know exactly what that is yet. But in order to determine the right path, I’ve decided I need to take step away. So as of today, DWL is officially going on hiatus. All of the archives will remain intact, so there is still plenty of inspiration to browse, but there will not be any new posts until I figure out what the next phase of DWL is going to look like.

I will still be active with lots of design goodness on social media—probably more so, in fact—so be sure to follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble and Facebook in the meantime.

Thanks so much for your support all these years! I hope you’ll follow me wherever this leads next!

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