Student Work: Natalie Kenna: Op Art Exhibition Campaign

For her final school project, Natalie Kenna designed a campaign for an Optical Art and Geometric Abstraction exhibition based on the 1960s Responsive Eye exhibit at The Design Museum. I had to ask whether this project was student or professional work, because to me it looks that polished, as though it could easily be an existing campaignHere’s a bit of background about her concept and process:

My concept came from the idea of opposites, black & white, the 60’s and now, is and was. Also throughout my research of Optical Art, I had constant eye strain as the op art images appeared to have Illusion/movement/colour change so I decided to choose the brightest and most shocking paper stock I could find, something that would grab the target audience. I wanted to simplify busy geometry with contemporary minimalism.

The front cover of the zine was done by a printing method where you print on the stock with a laser printer, you then get a sheet of omnicrom and place it over the area you want to colour, then feed it through the laminator, the heat from the laminator melts the laser ink and the omnicrom sticks only to the laser ink. It’s a really simple way to create a great print finish.

I love that tip about her printing method—it wasn’t one I was familiar with. Many more images can be found right here.

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  1. Printing Method Using Lamniate « c bonner says:

    [...] method revealed on Design Work Life. The front cover of the zine was done by a print ing method where you print on the stock with [...]
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