Archie McLeish: Long Story Short Typography

I’m loving Long Story Short, a project by Archie McLeish which typographically renders common digital speak acronyms in a decidedly non-digital style.



  1. Franklin Campo says:

    "PWNED" does NOT mean "Perfectly Owned" The "P" is a deliberate typo used for ironic effect. On its deepest level it is sort of a legacy insult towards script kiddies, but if that sentence doesn't make sense to you then suffice to say that it is a somewhat self-effacing comment to say that you PWNED someone. You are being self aware and ironic when you pwn. Maybe people don't KNOW that anymore and so they aren't being self-aware or ironic at all, but that's where it comes from. You are SUPPOSED to be mimicking the retarded assholes on XBOX live or or wherever.
  2. Annie says:

    Surely LOL is laugh out loud, no?
  3. Courtney says:

    I thought so too, so I actually looked it up before I posted it. Apparently some people interpret it at Lots of Laughs as well.
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