TunnelBravo: The Arrogant Butcher

Check out this new project from TunnelBravo—the identity for The Arrogant Butcher, a new restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. It looks like it was such a fun project to be a part of—one that required dabbling in a wide range of media, from traditional print to a hand-painted mural, to a super fun Vegas-inspired neon sign. Get a closer look  at all the individual components right here.


  1. Melanie Richards says:

    That table is something special. Love that bright pop of red!
  2. Vigor Restaurant Branding says:

    Great identity work. I really love the classic feel to it.
  3. Alison Owen says:

    wow I LOVE this!! Beautifully executed!
  4. jeremiah hagler says:

    Amazing branding! Thanks for sharing.
  5. The Arrogant Butcher on Design Work Life | TunnelBravo says:

    [...] 22 April 2011 The Arrogant Butcher on Design Work Life A couple of weeks ago Design Work Life did a really nice feature on our work for The Arrogant Butcher. It’s always fun to share work with fellow creatives who have inspired us as well. A special thanks to Courtney for all the continual inspiration and being kind enough to include us in the mix. You can see the feature here. [...]
  6. Cheryl says:

    I live in Phoenix and went into the AB JUST because of the branding! The food was good too.
  7. TunnelBravo says:

    Thanks for all the great comments. We definitely appreciate it.
  8. Richard says:

    Great work - TB! Went to AB as well and it seems like the place to be during lunch if you are part of the political scene.
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