Spoonful of Sugar

I’m so excited about this next project that designer Leen Sadder, a graduate student in the SVA Designer as Author program, conceptualized. For Stefan Sagmeister’s class, “Can design touch someone’s heart?”, Leen chose to dress up as Mary Poppins and escort umbrella-less New Yorkers across the street on a rainy day. How great is that? In addition to the idea being pretty damn smart, she also adorned the umbrella with some beautifully hand-lettered lyrics to A Spoonful of Sugar. You can check out a few more images of the process and results right here.

Leen also handed out chocolate-dipped spoons, tagged with the message, “Sometimes all you need is a spoonful of sugar.”

Additionally, the Spoonful of Sugar project has a facebook page where some recipients commented about their experiences.


  1. Dana B says:

    This is so cool! I love Mary Poppins and wish Leen would show up when Im running away from the rain :) Nice design work. Umbrella looks like it took her some time too...great typography.
  2. Lisa says:

    Looooove this! Inspired to try it myself!
  3. Dana says:

    Leen, this is so great! How clever and whimsical. I thoroughly enjoyed my "spoonful of sugar!" I especially love the umbrella.
  4. lauren says:

    so clever! what a fun social experiment :) the umbrella looks really great as well.
  5. Evernotes Every Friday « Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] I love Disney and I love design so this Mary Poppins’ inspired design is just perfect. Leen Sadder is a design student at the School of Visual Arts and as a part of Stefan Sagmeister’s class, “Can design touch someone’s heart?” she describes her project in her own words, “To touch the hearts of umbrella-less New Yorkers on a rainy day, I dressed up as Mary Poppins and escorted people across the street carrying a hand-lettered umbrella and a bag of chocolate-dipped spoons.” The writing is inspired by the song lyrics from “A Spoonful of Sugar.” So great!! There’s many more photos on her school project’s site, photos of her with her fellow New Yorker’s and the process of creating the umbrella. First discovered on Design Work Life. [...]
  6. Thasanee says:

    LOVE IT!!!!
  7. success is a lousy teacher. it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose « the scenic route says:

    [...] a spoonful of sugar. this is a great idea of action + design. can design touch somebody’s heart? [...]
  8. Inspiration Weekly: Packaging Love « JennMann Blogs says:

    [...] Chocolate covered spoons?… YES PLEASE! I would love to see these in coffee shops… just pick which flavor you want stir it in an *bam* flavored coffee! it would be so much fun! (source) [...]
  9. Ahhh typography…how I love thee. « kernconcepts says:

    [...] decorative. While searching for some inspiration for my post tonight…I came across this…A Spoon Full of Sugar. How perfect!  I’m thinking I might pull some of the elements from her invite and stencil [...]
  10. Comm Arts – Typography Annual | The Chic-Type Blog says:

    [...] Don’t forget to pick up the Jan/Feb edition of Communication Arts. It is ther Typography Annual and they have featured some great winners. My favorite winner was Leen Sadder, who created a hand-lettered umbrella that was part of a project for Stefan Sagmeister’s class at SVA “Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart”. The premise of the project was to touch the hearts of umbrella-less New Yorkers on a rainy day. Sadder dressed up as Mary Poppins and escorted people across the street carrying a hand-lettered umbrella and a bag of chocolate-dipped spoons. The umrella was truly amazing–wish it was sale! You can check out all of the photos and the process here. [...]
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