Monday Quick Links: 03.22.10

Quick Links

The new travel poster series from The Heads of State has already been featured all over the place, so I won’t do a long post here. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting the entire set. So in the off chance you haven’t seen them check them out here.

40 Delicious Chocolate Packaging Designs: yum.

24 hours in NYC, a photo essay by Jamie of From Me To You.

The Panic Status Board

Can’t wait to check out Christoph Neiman’s I LEGO New York board book in person.

Another set of beautiful photographs by Kim Høltermand: Icelands. According to Kim, the photos weren’t shot in Iceland as presumed by many, but were actually taken in Mallorca when the island recently experienced its first snow in 25 years.

Another great interview over at Typo-Graphical with Tomokazu Matsuyama.

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