Perky Bros

I’m loving Perky Bros’ portfolio, especially this project for Miss Cordelia’s.

Perky Bros 01

Perky Bros 02

Perky Bros 03


  1. cindy says:

    These are amazing... I can only imagine what the shop would like like!
  2. Ainsley says:

    The second example, while quite good, is very similar to Jimmy John's branding, particularly their chips/cookies labels. (I'm only perceptive to this because I worked there during high school.) Here's a link to some photos of JJ's branding: It's probably just that font and color scheme, but still, it caught my attention.
  3. A Mid Week Mood Board | Lush | says:

    [...] from top left: kiyoshi togashi via bon appetit | lovewant magazine | designworklife | amy nieto | nato [...]
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