I passed by this restaurant recently and was drawn in by the identity. danku, which means “thank you” in Dutch, is “an international fast food restaurant that serves healthful, ethically produced meals and makes a minimal impact on the environment”. Designed by Brandimage, the identity is vibrant, smart and modern. And the complete opposite of the vast marjority of fast food restaurants seen in America. It’s a nice change. Read a little bit more about the business right here.

danku 01

danku 02

danku 03

danku 04

danku 05


  1. suzi says:

    Both clean and vibrant design and well used.
  2. kate says:

    I read about this last week, I really want to check it out!
  3. amanda lee says:

    This is absolutely adorable! The Danku website says it's coming to New York soon...I can't wait to eat there!
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